Equatorial Guinea Deepens Ties With Chinese Energy Firms

23 Jul 2012 04:29 pm

Equatorial Guinea is seeking to deepen ties with Chinese energy companies as the country works to improve power infrastructure and increase output of crude and natural gas.

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Behind the scenes: TOGY talks to NJ AYUK. Centurion LLP is recognized internationally

23 Jul 2012 03:56 pm

With a team of seven in-house lawyers from around the world, Centurion was created in 2007 to provide legal services to oil and gas firms in Equatorial Guinea.

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Oil and Gas Affirmative Action. Making Local Content everyone’s Responsibility.

23 Jul 2012 03:31 pm

Centurion has advised the governments of South Sudan, Niger and Uganda on local content policies and has worked with international oil companies on contracts.

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Africa Oil and Gas Law

Major Assets: Malabo is ready for further investment.

23 Jul 2012 03:09 pm

Equatorial Guinea has taken the necessary steps to let investors see the country as a business destination.

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Sinochem Sign Preliminary Crude-Oil Agreement in Equatorial Guinea

23 Jul 2012 10:22 am

Equatorial Guinea and Sinochem Group signed a preliminary agreement to ship crude to China in exchange for credit for infrastructure.

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Behind the scenes: TOGY talks to NJ AYUK

22 Jul 2012 01:08 am

TOGY talks to Centurion Law Group's CEO NJ Ayuk about the regulatory systems in Equatorial Guinea.

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