17 Sep 2016 02:33 am

NJ is the Chief Executive Officer of Centurion. His experience includes advising major companies on investment strategies, the establishment of joint ventures and cooperation structures, privatisation, licensing and related tax, OHADA, Equatorial Guinea law, oil and gas, local content,..

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Behind the scenes: TOGY talks to NJ AYUK. Centurion LLP is recognized internationally

23 Jul 2012 03:56 pm

With a team of seven in-house lawyers from around the world, Centurion was created in 2007 to provide legal services to oil and gas firms in Equatorial Guinea.

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Behind the scenes: TOGY talks to NJ AYUK

22 Jul 2012 01:08 am

TOGY talks to Centurion Law Group's CEO NJ Ayuk about the regulatory systems in Equatorial Guinea.

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Centurion in Berlin to Support Germany-Africa Relations

16 Mar 2017 09:30 am

Centurion CEO NY Ayuk to speak at inaugural Germany Africa Business Forum

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Local Content: Government Must Lead the Charge

08 Mar 2017 11:19 am

Local content regulations in Africa make the energy business fairer and cheaper. Governments have a critical role in improving the system.

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Das Deutsche Afrika-Jahr Beginnt in Berlin

30 Jan 2017 03:45 pm

Afrika erlebt derzeit eine Revolution - und braucht hierzu Deutschlands Hilfe.

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Debt Recovery Key to Confidence

18 Dec 2016 09:09 am

The ability to recover debts, one of the great concerns for any business owner, is a key step in creating a stable environment for all investors.

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Gateway to Africa

24 Nov 2016 08:32 am

The “Mauritius Miracle” makes the small island country a prime place for investment, and also sets an example for other countries seeking a similar outcome.

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South Africa Briefing: When Strikes Cause Economic Loss

26 Oct 2016 02:45 pm

Both companies and employees need to know their rights under South Africa's legal system concerning strikes.

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Legal Frameworks for Data Protection in South Africa and Nigeria

07 Oct 2016 02:26 pm

Centurion examines the legal frameworks for data protection in Nigeria and South Africa.

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