Choosing the Right Company Structure in Mauritius

As investors seek to open operations in Mauritius, a true key to success will be choosing the right way to register the company, from a local domestic company or self-employment to a global company. - September 15, 2017

Africa Energy Frontiers: Tanzania

A major gas discovery in 2012 thrust Tanzania into the international spotlight. Download our Africa Energy Frontiers report. - September 6, 2017

The 2017 National Gas Policy: A New Dawn in the Nigerian Gas Industry

Nigeria’s natural gas reserves, which account for three times its oil resources, is under-tapped and underutilised. - August 17, 2017

Behind Mining Profits: The Disruption of Local Communities

The mining industry has the potential to create jobs and boost the economies of local communities. - July 10, 2017

The G20 ‘Compact with Africa’: Advancing Economic Reform

Germany aims to promote African growth under its G20 presidency. - July 7, 2017

Centurion Successfully Advocates for E.G. OPEC Membership

Agreement breaks the mould, with Centurion the first African law firm to facilitate an African nation’s entry into OPEC. - May 26, 2017



Africa Energy Frontiers: Mozambique

Mozambique could quickly become one of Africa’s top gas producers. - July 20, 2017

Webinar Series Launches with Ghana Edition

Centurion attorneys launch our New Horizons webinar series. - February 23, 2017

Africa Energy Frontiers: São Tomé and Príncipe

A true deepwater energy frontier in the Gulf of Guinea: São Tomé and Príncipe - February 14, 2017

Africa Energy Frontiers: Uganda

Boasting the largest onshore oil discovery in sub-Saharan Africa in two decades, Uganda is at the forefront of oil exploration in East Africa. - November 29, 2016


Big Barrels Tells Africa’s Story

NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Law Group, is determined to tell Africa's story in his new book, Big Barrels: African Oil & Gas and the Quest for Prosperity. - August 11, 2017

Gas-to-Power Can Drive African Industry

NJ Ayuk, CEO of Centurion Law Group, was interviewed by DW News on how Africa can use its oil and gas resources to benefit the continent.  - August 1, 2017

NJ Ayuk: ‘When Oil is Found, We Abandon Agriculture’

CEO of Centurion Law Group NJ Ayuk was interviewed by eNCA about the issues of corruption and mismanagement in Africa’s oil and gas industry. - July 26, 2017

Tanzania Mining Laws Under Scrutiny

CEO of Centurion Law Group NJ Ayuk was interviewed by CNBC Africa about the new mining laws in Tanzania. Among other things, the laws will give the governments the rights to renegotiate all current contracts and stipulates dispute resolution must take place in Tanzania. - July 24, 2017