Centurion Plus

In a growing and changing Africa, the demand for legal services ebbs and flows in tune with the rhythm of different businesses. Sometimes this means there is a need for a devoted team of lawyers and permanent retainers. Similarly, in-house lawyers or law firms expend extensive hours in times of peak demand or have very little to do in quieter periods – but regardless, their costs need to be covered

As an African flexible legal service provider, offering tailored legal solutions, Centurion Plus is changing the way legal services are provided to businesses and governments. Corporations are under huge cost pressures and users of legal services are looking for ways to make their budget stretch further, without compromising on the quality of legal counsel that they need to support their business. Download our brochure to find out more.


On site or off site. On call and on demand. Our offer is simple. Centurion Plus has the African lawyers and legal services your company needs, ready to deploy whenever and wherever you need them. When a project demands that you scale up your legal team fast, call Centurion Plus.

Added service. Added value. Centurion Plus offers cost effective legal solutions that merge the reliability of an internal legal advisor, the support and quality assurance of a major law firm, along with the ability to maintain a control on costs.

We work with our clients to understand their short-term or project-based legal requirements, and then identify legal professionals with the most appropriate knowledge and experience to meet their needs.

Centurion Plus allows its clients to respond quickly and with agility to changes in legal service requirements, allowing companies to grow or shrink their legal team without lengthy recruitment and expensive acquisition processes. Our team of lawyers are supported by an extensive database of know-how and training, supported by the expertise of Centurion Law Group.


Finding balance between life and the law. Qualified lawyers from all over the world are joining Centurion Plus. Make a flexible career in the legal profession and serve African companies and projects with Centurion Plus, and rediscover the balance between living life and practicing law.

Flexible options for African lawyers. At Centurion Plus we have seen a growing number of outstanding legal professionals looking for alternative ways to practice the profession that they love, while balancing other lifestyle elements, such as family, further studies, travel or hobbies. We have created a platform that responds to this evolution in the practice of law, by creating an environment that connects legal professionals seeking a more flexible work routine, with businesses that require legal counsel on an intermittent or project basis.

Our lawyers choose Centurion Plus because we provide a combination of the stability and variety of an ambitious professional service firm, but with flexibility and deep client relationships. If you want to be welcomed into a community of like-minded professionals who earn a lucrative income while offering their legal expertise to blue-chip clients, then join us.