Company Registration and investing in equatorial guinea

Company Registration and investing in equatorial guinea

Do you intend to start a business in Equatorial Guinea? Do you want to extend your business activity in Equatorial Guinea? Are you aware of all the Legal, Tax, Regulatory and other requirements to be met in order to obtain authorization to do business under the Equatorial Guinean law? Do you need to know what legal form would be most suitable for your business when doing business in Equatorial Guinea?

Our firm provides full-scope Legal, Tax, Government Relations, and Management Consulting advice in connection with starting and operating a business in the Equatorial Guinea, extending the business or moving the business to Equatorial Guinea.

We will advise you on the most suitable legal form for the provision of business activities in accordance with your specific needs and conditions and in accordance with the most suitable tax scenario prepared in compliance with the Ohada Act and other laws of Equatorial Guinea.

We have the most knowledge and experience as it pertains to the requirements for necessary registrations, legal processes and negotiations with the relevant Equatorial Guinean authorities.

We inform clients about all potential legal, compliance, finance, tax, management and practical issues connected with starting and operating a business in Equatorial Guinea, the potential establishment of a business entity (if required under the specific conditions) and necessary registrations and permits to be obtained.

We provide our services on a key-solution basis, providing all possible assistance in accordance with your wishes, needs and the conditions of your business until the legal conditions for starting your business in the Equatorial Guinea are met.

We also advise on relevant legal, labour, compliance, finance, tax, and management matters related to the initial business phase, e.g., employment issues, statutory representative issues, contractual standards, rental issues, etc.

Most Recent Transactions:

  • Acted in behalf of an international chemical company in a joint venture project in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Provided legal advice in relation to the possibility of using VSAT technology and the applicable regulation in Equatorial Guinea and South Sudan.
  • Advised an entrepreneur on the acquisition of a fast food restaurant chain in the USA to establish it in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Advised a Chinese investor on the acquisition of a controlling position in an Equatorial Guinean company.
  • Advised a medical service contractor in relation to the drafting and negotiations of a concession contract for the operation of a public hospital in Equatorial Guinea.
  • Advised a petrochemical company in the negotiation for the contraction of a Urea Fertilizer facility.
  • Assisted in the establishment of a number of new companies in Equatorial Guinea, and provided advice on tax, employment, licensing and other start-up issues as well as educational services.
  • Advised one of the world’s largest multinational food suppliers in connection with trademarks and intellectual property issues in Africa (OAPI).
  • Acted in behalf of a client in connection with the purchase of company holding interests in the marginal oil fields program in Nigeria.
  • Current legal advisor to leading international corporate clients as it pertains to corporate and civil law in Equatorial Guinea, real estate, foreign investment, acquiring property rights, leasing properties, and joint investment agreements both in Malabo, Bata and other regions.
  • Currently advising a number of clients on establishing legal entities, branches, and representative offices, and conducting business in Equatorial Guinea, as well as related corporate, commercial, employment, and immigration matters.

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